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Among the Mentionables team members are several talented authors of valuable resources. Take some time to consider some of these resources available for purchase.


Measuring Mcafee

Tyler Vela's brilliant engagement with the scathing book Disproving Christianity by atheist David McAfee. Tyler knocks down McAfee's arguments one by one, showing the flaws in viewpoints of the typical internet atheist. Even if you've never read Disproving Christianity, you'll recognize the arguments, and see the truthfullness of Vela's rebuttals.


Christ Centered APOLOGETICs  

In this informative but easy to read book, Joel Furches makes the case that Apologetics and Evangelism may intersect when focused on the life, death and Resurrection of Christ. After marrying Apologetics and Evangelism, Joel goes on to present a brilliant defense for Christ.


apologetics study bible for students

The Apologetics Study Bible for Students is the perfect resource for kids headed to college. With every page, the Bible offers the timeless word of God, while simultaneously presenting the evidence and defense for the words you are reading. Several authors contributed material to this unique resources, including noteworthy apologist Sean McDowell. However, an important selection was added by the Mentionable's own Chad Gross. Pick yours up here before you head to school.


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