Hey there, readers.

So my career as a professional artist was tragically short-lived. I ended up foolishly agreeing to be paid by pay pal rather than through my freelancing agency. The agency found out I was getting paid on the back end (which never actually happened), and kicked me off the platform.

This wasn’t an intentional go against the rules. I simply didn’t think when I accepted the offer.

However, the good news is that I just got accepted into the PhD program at the Chicago School of Psychology’s Behavioral Analysis course.

I chose this particular program because it aligns with the work I’ve already done with abused children and with the disciplinary school at which I taught. I never pursued programs in behavioral shaping, but they chose me.

It will also be useful in my Apologetics work, since I tend to pursue psychology of religion. And in my writing I do a lot of impromptu behavioral research and analysis.

Finally having the training and credentials to do what I already do will be a great next step.

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