Recovering from my surgery

As many of you may know, I underwent brain surgery on 6/20/2017. I had my right temporal lobe removed. I had a tumor about the size of a pea in that part of my brain, and I was experiencing seizures that could not be medically controlled. Immediately after my surgery, I had difficulty with balance, hearing, mood, fatigue, memory, concentration, and probably some other things I can't recall.

For the most part, my balance and hearing has returned. I can concentrate without distractions. Everything else is still sort of out-of-wack. 

This has not stopped me from making progress on the publication of my next book Where Did God Go?, an exploration of how our good God relates to pain and suffering.

I am also still able to carry my writing load for CBS, Hubpages and Christian Media Magazine.

Many, many people have contacted me with thoughts and prayers, and I have no doubt that these have assisted in my speedy recovery and continued prosperity. Thank you all.