Joel Furches

As an artist, Joel worked for five years publishing a web-comic.

He now does freelance work illustrating comic strips and comic books, children’s books and commissioned art. Joel also did private art tutoring for a while.

Joel does art freelancing on Freelancer, Guru and Fiverr.

As a writer, Joel has primarily served the Christian Community by engaging in Apologetics and Christian ministry by engaging with issues, speaking and writing reviews. Joel is an accomplished journalist, author and editor, having written for both Christian publications - like Christian Media Magazine - and journalistic organizations - like CBS. Joel also edits academic research papers for universities.

Joel does professional editing and reviews for all communities, including the science community. 

Joel currently has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Education. Joel has worked for a number of years with neglected, abused and troubled youth. This has given him some uncomfortable but valuable insights into the human condition.

Joel Furches is on The Mentionables speaking team.




I especially appreciate [Joel’s] theological articles, but everything [Joel writes] is interesting.
-Dale Tinklepaugh

Joel does an excellent job of offering the layperson advice and guidance on defending his/her beliefs. He has a great ability to capture and keep the reader’s attention throughout the book. While he writes with the average Christian in mind, even more mature Christians will be able to learn something.
-John Dunbar