Where Joel Writes

Want to catch Joel's writing elsewhere? Joel writes for the following publications:

  • Hubpages - a news, entertainment and media outlet.

  • Christian Media Magazine - A website that offers resources and advice to Churches

  • Free Thinking Ministries - A Christian Apologetics publication

  • CBS Baltimore - Joel writes for CBS (yes, that CBS), reviewing and promoting local businesses and activities for the city of Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Premier Christianity Magazine - A Christian Magazine/website in the UK that hosts the popular Unbelievable! radio show and podcast. Several people about whom Joel has written have gone on to receive guest appearances on the show.

  • Social Apologetics - An Apologetics website which gathers together the talents of a broad group of Apologists in order to give a tremendous number of resources for anyone interested in the subject.

  • With Apologies - This was a very old project Joel started before he began writing professionally. Joel still keeps it up to date from time to time.

  • Keyboard Rapture and Blues - This is Joel's author blog on Goodreads. Here, Joel posts personal blog posts about his adventures as an author.

  • The Mentionables - Articles written by the Mentionables team and network members, and published on The Mentionables website